About Tom

He is the author of over 40 books on photography and video including the acclaimed Photography – the definitive visual history and the best-selling Digital Photographer’s Handbook published in twenty languages. He won the Thomas Cook Award for Best Illustrated Travel Book for his book on the Marco Polo Expedition which pioneered the land route from Europe to China via Central Asia. He presented two series - A Digital Picture of Britain - for BBC and an award-winning eight-part series for Channel News Asia, Singapore. He was technical editor of Camera magazine, editor of Photography magazine, picture editor of The Sunday Correspondent Magazine and correspondent to numerous photography magazines.

He helped found Wandsworth Photography Co-operative (now The Photo Coop, London), he was a founding member of the World Photographic Academy, and was photography chair for the Royal Geographical Society’s Expedition Workshops. He was Chair of the British Chinese Artists’ Association, an Arts Council supported NGO promoting arts in the UK in which capacity he helped steer the art and culture elements accompanying the 1997 Handover of Hong Kong to China.

As senior Lecturer in photographic practice at the University of Westminster for over 12 years, he taught photography, digital photography, journalism and design at undergraduate and masters level. He also had to lead the BA Photography and MA Photographic Journalism courses. He has lectured and given workshops widely including: Manila, Dubai, Singapore, Auckland, Invercargill, London, Cape Town, Brisbane, Cannes. He has given key-note speeches on photography in Cannes, Brisbane, Invercargill.

He pioneered academic links to the Former Soviet Central Asia with his partner Wendy Gray, leading a Know How Fund project for journalism in Kyrgyzstan and helped found the Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

He is a founding member of Wandsworth Photography Co-operative (now The Photo Coop in London), a founding member of the World Photographic Academy, initiated the Student Focus of Sony World Photography Awards and former photography chair for the Royal Geographical Society’s Expedition Workshops.

Major competitions he has juried for include Sony World Photography Awards, Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Hamdan International Photography Award, Czech Press Photo.

He was awarded the HIPA (Hamdan International Photography Award) Content Creator Award 2019 in Dubai, UAE.

Born in Singapore, he now lives and works in New Zealand. 


contact: tomangphoto@gmail.com

Photography – the definitive visual history

"This is a definitive book on the history of photography that can be a reference guide in universities, libraries, or museums. It is the perfect bond of informative text and compelling visual aid."

Digital Photographer’s Handbook

Beautifully done – Excellent content – I use it in my class… It is a must read for a variety of levels of experience. My classes contain many diverse students … All are quite satisfied with this 400+ page work of art."

How to Photograph Absolutely Everything

"Great book for anyone interested in photography. Tutor on an introductory photography course I went on suggested books by Tom Ang, and this does not disappoint. Lots of inspiration and clearly explained."

Digital Photography Essentials

"It’s invaluable to a serious enthusiast, and great for a pro too. I would say this book is essential to the library of any modern digital photographer!"

"Tom handles the wide-ranging, all-inclusive view of photography better than anyone else."

Michael Freeman

"… two things ... really impress me: 1) Ang’s ability to present the information in ways that even I can easily understand, and 2) his writing style makes it a pleasure ... to read"